Punctuation Personified

Sometimes you have to pay for free speech

Truth isn’t actually always what everyone wants, obviously. I mean, people lie, businesses do thing they are not supposed to, and companies keep things from people. I feel like we all know this at some level, but we aren’t too worried because we feel the things they are keeping from us can’t be too big. However, when these things do get out, and they are big, I always thought the company is the one that suffered the most. Depending on the end result, whatever the journalist did was excusable.  In this class I realized that is not at all true.

I knew people could get in trouble while getting stories, but I didn’t know it could be so bad that they could be discredited or worse. The whole point of them lying was to get the truth to the general populace, and if they exposed something that was very wrong, it shouldn’t matter what they did (within reason) to find this out. The problem should be with the person/company/business that was lying in the first place.

The whole point of journalism was to inform the populace. Now, people can go to jail for doing their jobs. And I know the textbook said that when journalist use excuses like “I was just doing my job” they are pushing responsibility somewhere else, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t true.

About me

My name is Hanna Barnett. I am currently a nineteen year old Journalism Major at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, and I hope to be a book editor someday. I like reading, poetry, and attempting to knit. I also like strange podcasts and people watching.  I was born in Traben-Trarbach, Germany, and moved to the states soon after. I have been a resident of Bellevue, Nebraska ever since. I have two brothers, two cats, and a love of childish naiveté and different perspectives, which is expressed through my favorite literature. I realized I wanted to be an editor in my senior year of high school creative writing class. Because of all the reading I did as a child, I am already rather good at editing friends’ papers and such, but I still have a lot to learn. I hope that someday I can join a publishing house.

I was told I need to make a blog for the future, so possible employers have a way to research me. This is how I responsed. This blog will be a way to show my accomplishments through college, both editorially and prose wise. It will be a mix of assignments I am proud of, topics I find interesting, works I create in my free time, and annotated works I especially enjoyed. Or it may become a place for me to put stuff I just like looking at that are sort of academic. But I digress. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.